The 2017—2018 Junior League Martin County Members In Training Class are
committed to providing feminine hygiene products to young ladies in several
Martin County Schools, who are in need of assistance or can not afford these
basic necessities.

In order to accomplish this goal, we are collecting donations of sanitary
napkins (pads), small cosmetic bags as well as gift cards and monetary
donations to purchase supplies to provide feminine hygiene kits in Martin
County Schools. We call it:

The CauseMetic Project

“Unlike toilet paper, which is provided for free in school restrooms,
students are typically on their own to access menstrual supplies,” says
Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, a leading writer and advocate for menstrual
equity. “Yet in order to fully engage in the classroom, these are as
much of a necessity as paper and pencils. This is especially true for
younger teens who are more likely to be caught off guard by the
arrival of their period and without budgets of their own to buy emergency pads or tampons.”

The CauseMetic Project will:

  • Allow girls to be more comfortable and prepared during their school,
    ready to learn, regardless of their menstrual cycle.
  • Decrease infections due to a lack of menstrual hygiene education and
  • Enable confidence during a cycle.
  • Eradicate embarrassment in school due to soiled clothes.
  • Open communication pathways with the school nurse/guidance
    counselor in order to better educate girls about day-to-day feminine

86% of US women reported they have started their period unexpectedly
without the supplies they need.
Have you been one of them?
Can you imagine this happening to you?

Please contact Jaime at or any Junior
League of Martin County member with your