Thank you to our generous sponsors!

Pineapple Presidents

An annual giving program designed specifically for past presidents of the Junior League of Martin County. With their unique awareness of the operational costs, all contributions to the Pineapple Presidents Fund will be allocated exclusively to administrative costs.

Andi Poli

Pineapple Pillars

An annual giving program exclusive to the Sustainer members of the Junior League of Martin County. The minimum donation will be equal to twice the number of years the JLMC has been in existence.

Elaine BlaskyGayle Brinly

Mary Elliott

Linda Evans

Diane Kimes

Karen Janson

Suzanne KarrMaureen O’Connor

Constance Rapp

Laurie Schobelock

Elizabeth Wade

Pineapple Parents & Pals

An annual giving program for friends and family of current Junior League of Martin County members as well as the members themselves. The purpose of this program is to support future solicitation to community members and businesses by reporting participation by members, their families and/or their friends. The minimum donation is $1.

Debra ArtmanLisa Holland

Andi Poli

Christine Taylor

Laurie HerterStacia Losh

Kary Prueger

Valerie Wright

Pineapple Plantations

An annual giving program designed for community members and businesses with varying levels contribution size. First year donations can be made without commitment but solicitation of 3-year commitments will be included with post-contribution correspondence. All donors will be recognized publicly.

Active and Sustainer members were solicited for donations with their annual dues request. All donors for this year were considered founding members and will be thanked in the Pineapple Press. Although the community program was never initiated due to time and availability constraints, the plan was to solicit throughout the year and then thank publicly via the print media and in the Pineapple Press.
This committee has an extremely limited budget and therefore combining the solicitations with the dues requests allowed for crossover reimbursement using other budget line items.

Jubilee Junkanoo Sponsors

Lynne Spraker – $500

Wallace Nissan – $500


Illustrated Properties – $1000


Donna E. Demarchi
Personal Injury Attorney -$250

Mary and Dave Fields – $1000

Rupp Marine – $250

Signature Luxury Wine & Spirits – In-kind

Monterey Animal Clinic – $250

Salient $1000