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Your accountant and legal advisor should be consulted to make sure your contribution works in your best interest.Gift of Cash
Make a gift of cash online or by mail to the Junior League of Martin County, Inc. Cash contributions are deductible as an itemized deduction in the year the donation is made up to a total of 50 percent of your adjusted gross income. Excess charitable deductions can be carried forward for up to five additional years.
Donate Online Print & Mail
Monthly Gifts
You can donate monthly through a credit card or an automatic checking account transfer using the online donation method. To make a monthly donation, click here.Memorial or Recognition Gifts
Make a donation in the name of a friend or family member as a memorial gift or to mark a special occasion. We will send a letter to the recipient(s) to make them aware of your gift.

Gifts of Stocks & Securities
Stocks can be donated to the Junior League of Martin County. If you are going to donate stock, please donate those that have increased in value, preferably those producing a low yield. To preserve tax advantages, you must give the securities to us rather than liquidate them and give us the proceeds.

Appreciated Securities
If you choose to donate stock that has increased in value and you have held the stock for more than one year, you pay no capital gains tax when you make the gift. You are entitled to a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the stock. The income deduction is limited to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income. Excess can be carried forward for five additional years.

Depreciated Securities
If you have stock losses, sell the stock and realize the loss to the extent allowed for tax purposes. Then, contribute the cash to the Junior League of Martin County and take the deduction.

Mutual Funds
Making a charitable gift of mutual fund shares offer the same tax advantage as a donation of appreciated stock. We recommend beginning the process well before December 31st due to the complexities involved in the transfer of mutual fund shares.

Gifts of Life Insurance
You can contribute a life insurance policy to us by naming the Junior League of Martin County as the owner of the policy or simply as the beneficiary. If the JLMC is named as the owner and beneficiary of the life insurance, in most cases, you will be entitled to an income tax deduction limited to the lower of the fair market value of the policy or your cost basis in the contract.

Gifts of Real Estate
You can make a gift of real estate to the Junior League of Martin County. Check with your financial advisor to learn if this is a beneficial giving option for you.

Life Income Gifts
Life income gifts are a way for you to receive an income as a result of making a charitable gift. Dependent upon the plan selected, payments can be fixed or variable. They can be for you or other beneficiaries of your choice.

Sponsorship Opportunities
The Junior League of Martin County, Inc. offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities for businesses looking to align their brand and marketing goals with a motivated and prominent group of women who work to improve the community. For a complete listing of sponsorship opportunities, visit the Sponsorships page.

JLMC Pineapple Presidents
An annual giving program designed specifically for past presidents of the Junior League of Martin County. With their unique awareness of the operational costs, all contributions to the Pineapple Presidents Fund will be allocated exclusively to administrative costs.

JLMC Pineapple Plantations
An annual giving program designed for community members and businesses with varying levels contribution size. First year donations can be made without commitment but solicitation of 3-year commitments will be included with post-contribution correspondence. All donors will be recognized publicly.

Bronze Pineapple Plantations: up to $100
Silver Pineapple Plantations: $101 – $250
Gold Pineapple Plantations: $251 – $1 less than total member contributions
Platinum Pineapple Plantations: Equal to member contributions – $1 less than 2X member contributions
Diamond Pineapple Plantations: Two or more times the total of member contributions

JLMC Pineapple Parents & Pals
An annual giving program for friends and family of current Junior League of Martin County members as well as the members themselves. The purpose of this program is to support future solicitation to community members and businesses by reporting participation by members, their families and/or their friends. The minimum donation is $1.

JLMC Pineapple Pillars
An annual giving program exclusive to the Sustainer members of the Junior League of Martin County. The minimum donation will be equal to twice the number of years the JLMC has been in existence.

JLMC Non-Profit Information
The Junior League of Martin County is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Click Here For our IRS Designation Letter